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It's the blog of a tall, incredibly sexy red-headed woman living in Melbourne, who is:

Wife of lederhosen, mother of da_norvegicus, natural mother of quatranoctal, and former owner of dogorcuton and Basil. (Those two worthies are now sleeping quietly, somewhere...)

Enjoying living on top of basaltic plains, especially after the boringness of Sydney Sandstone

Trying very hard not to buy any more knitting and sewing stuff until she uses what she has

Versed in IT, Customer Service and Cooking. Now turning half an engineering degree into Teaching Maths and Science to Primary-aged students.

Recently diagnosed as a high-functioning Aspergers person, but then I've always been weird...

Writer of fanfic and currently trying to write my first serious novel.

I'm cool with people I don't know reading my journal - serious stuff tends to be friends-locked to various degrees. I'm also fine with people dropping me - I don't manage to keep up with as many people as I wish I could, and besides, that's your own journal and you have the right to decide who is and isn't reading stuff. But if you want me to read your stuff too, please comment on this post if you haven't elsewhere.

For a fest.

This is something I first wrote a few years back just to see if I could, part of a pottersues challenge. If you search for it, you might find the original. akatnamedeaster inspired me to tweak it a little, finish it properly... It's my offering for the severus_fest Summer of Severus.

The Sun In Winter.

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I have a very clever friend called Caitlan

who draws.

She drew the Snape/Malfoy Christmas Card I used some years ago

And now she's drawn...
something short and very silly, based on Sweeney ToddCollapse ) (Cut for size) Completely safe for work - both of them)


Sort-of back

Had a lovely holiday, but the computer I took, nicknamed "Dinky", has the processing power of a frozen zucchini. I was looking forward to getting back to my lovely big machine...

... and it wouldn't start.

So it's finally back from the computer menders, but all my lovely bookmarks are GONE! *sobs* Yes, I know, should have backed up. Of all people I should have realised that. Dammit.

There's no way in hell I'm going to catch up with March, April and May, so I'll assume nothing happened, and try and hug you all in the next couple of weeks, one way or another.

Somewhere in the North of England

I am really slacking with the updates, but then we've been travelling a lot. So far we've been to Brussels, Paris, Iceland, the Faroes, and now we're winding our way through Great Britain, heading for Glasgow.

And so far along the way, we've caught up with (Pic heavy - click here to see)Collapse )

Figured I should resurrect the old icon

Hey all. Yup, me slacking again. I'm over a week behind in LJ, so please stop doing things while I catch up! (More seriously, if there's something major, like the sshg_promptfest that kerravonsen reminded me of, please let me know in comments).

So we're travelling. To be honest, I'm currently tucked under the doona in Iceland, waiting for news that lederhosen's plane has landed. (The 100km/h winds we were having earlier today meant the first flight was cancelled. It's just gone midnight here). And my travelling companion, the one and only notasquirrel, is sitting beside me and grumping about the fact that I didn't let him keep the stone polar bear cub that he was playing on in the store we were at earlier.

Want to see what else he's been up to? First of all, he complained bitterly on my last entry.

Then, his Twitter is here. You're probably best off reading mine at the same time - my twitter about the trip has the hashtag #GGEclipse2015.

And for all the pictures available for your viewing pleasure, please look here. It should be fairly easy to work out the ones with Buzzy in them.

And I'm doing the writeup on Wordpress for various my-computer-is-being-a-git reasons, so the journal is terribly behind but at least it's here. I'll tell you when I next do an update.


Try to behave yourselves while I'm gone, won't you?

Planning for the Great Trip

I've been rather quiet here, (although I do tweet on Reynardo_Red quite a bit). But the main reason I've been quiet is that we're planning a HUGE trip!1 We fly to Belgium on Saturday, then I have a couple of days in Paris (lederhosen is on a conference), then we meet up in Iceland, fly to the Faroes, watch the total solar eclipse, fly back to Iceland, down to the UK then over to the US.2

And I know a lot of you were hoping to fill the position of baggage-carrier. Unfortunately, we had already promised the job to notasquirrel, who wanted to come and see the eclipse, and then travel across Iceland. We may or may not have accepted donations towards his sacrifice to the volcanoes...

Anyway, I took a few pictures of his arrival here, so if you're game3, have a look under here. (VERY pic heavy).Collapse )

da_norvegicus will be looking after the house while we're away. Best way to contact will be email4, but we will be getting two SIM cards in the US. And I know I'm missing a lot of you - that just means another trip in a few years time...

And hopefully, I'll be able to upload a ton of amazing pictures...

But now? I have a houseguest, and he needs trousers.

1. Oh god oh god oh god leaving in 5 days can't cope not ready aaaaargh!
2. And then driving from Boston to LA. Here's the maps for those who haven't seen them.
3. Or curious. Or want to see the horror that is Buzzy.
4. reynardo at optusnet dot com dot au

Sometimes Santa comes early

Early Santa

Thank you to akatnamedeaster, whose incredibly well-wrapped love-filled envelope arrived today.

*bounces off to arrange framing*
Because, in the middle of a stressful hostage situation in one of our major cities, a newspaper published this:

TL:DR My specific points for complaining.Collapse )
I hope the paper gets in BIG trouble about this.