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Young Me
It's the blog of a tall, incredibly sexy red-headed woman living in Melbourne, who is:

Wife of lederhosen, mother of da_norvegicus, natural mother of quatranoctal, and owner of dogorcuton and Basil.

Enjoying living on top of basaltic plains, especially after the boringness of Sydney Sandstone

Trying very hard not to buy any more knitting and sewing stuff until she uses what she has

Versed in IT, Customer Service and Cooking. Now turning half an engineering degree into Teaching Maths and Science to Primary-aged students.

Recently diagnosed as a high-functioning Aspergers person, but then I've always been weird...

Writer of fanfic and currently trying to write my first serious novel.

I'm cool with people I don't know reading my journal - serious stuff tends to be friends-locked to various degrees. I'm also fine with people dropping me - I don't manage to keep up with as many people as I wish I could, and besides, that's your own journal and you have the right to decide who is and isn't reading stuff. But if you want me to read your stuff too, please comment on this post if you haven't elsewhere.
... who want to go and see Only Lovers Left, we're going to the Cinema Nova at Carlton on Monday at 4:30.

Join us?

Sorry - let me ask that again. Tom Hiddlestone and Tilda Swinton as vampires... anyone interested?

A sign of the impending...

Lady Catherine, displeased
I've always been astounded by friends of mine who are medical practitioners, who can look at a scan or an x-ray and spot a medical problem from the slightest, most subtle change in the picture. I'll look at the same picture and go "what the ???"

But now, my observational skills are starting to kick in. I was browsing through the pantry cupboard, choosing pasta for tonight, when I noticed something odd in the breadcrumbs container. We try and keep things like breadcrumbs in sealed containers to keep them away from moths.

Herein lies a cautionary tale, or perhaps one of a lucky escape. Or maybe not...Collapse )

A Gift for articcat621

Way back last year, I offered a poem in the sshg_newbies fest. It's a bit late, but for those that want to read it, here's the Story of the Stray Sock. And yes, it's a bit of fluff. The poem. Not the sock. Although the sock is fluffy too...Collapse )

I've been out of touch for a bit.

Dear LJ,

First the hippy, aka da_norvegicus, came to stay with us for a bit and wanted to use my computer as his screen was in storage.

And we had the drive up and back to Canberra for quatranoctal's birthday and engagement. And then I had a stack of Uni work.

So I'm doing homework today, and hoping to catch up with LJ on Monday.

If anything important, drastic, notable or silly happened, and I missed it, can you point me to it? Thanks.


Oh deor and malada? Please meet delphipsmith. You are all upstate New York people, with a love of books, books, books, writing and books.

And with a certain level of geek.

And I'm hoping to visit you all next year.



Fanfic rocks

As I pointed out to my mother, she's been reading Fanfic for years! (The "Flashman" series by George Macdonald Fraser is fanfic based on a character from Tom Brown's Schooldays, written almost 100 years earlier).

So why do I write fanfic?

Because it's fun.

And challenging.

And reading it makes me feel good.

And why am I saying this?

Because the sshg_promptfest is on again!

SSHG Prompt Fest

Hypothetically speaking...

If one were travelling from Melbourne to the UK next year (in late March), and then from the UK to the East Coast of the US (in early April), what airlines and online booking places would you NOT recommend? I want to know horror stories of planes held together with duct tape, booking sites who mysteriously lose your bookings and require you to pay a fortune to fix the issue, and any other scams that really need avoiding.

No, I will not be booking *anything* through Craigslist, especially Amazingly Good Accommodation.

And we already know to avoid United the Cattle Class Specialist.

Also, recommendations for good online booking places, airlines that are worth a little more...

I shall be dubious of anonymous entries, but not completely dismissive.

Poll #1958971 Travel Blues and how to avoid them...
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 11

Which airlines would you avoid like the plague? (Feel free to add other names and/or reasons in the comments)

Any online booking sites you'd avoid for whatever reasons? (Again, feel free to enlarge upon this in comments)

Are there any airlines or online booking sites you'd recommend? Excellent service, accurate info, etc.

Oh - and yes, I know a lot of people want to catch up. That part I'll be arranging much later in the year.

Meme - who am I?

With a slight change, here's a meme on how well you might know me.Collapse )

Answers will be screened until this time next week.
I'm planning to make some things for the 2016 and 2017 Ponycon AU (if things are still going strong), and was looking for some general information from those who are fans of My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic.

If you have watched the show and would attend a con, would you please answer the questions below?Collapse )